22 August 2017

"I should say we shouldn't push our luck, but I can't. I don't want to." - Maddy, Everything, Everything


Everything, Everything is a beautiful coming of age story of a girl with SCID who is ready to risk everything, and she means everything, to finally live the life she wants.

19 August 2017

"Clearly, you have never met a woman." Sergeant Laureline, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets


There was a lot to do around the release of this film. People were hyped. Expectation were high. The bar was set and was excited myself. Thank god I read some reviews prior to going to the cinema or I would have been majorly disappointed. It's not the worst film out there, but there are definitely better films to see.

16 August 2017

I'm back at it!


Bloody hell long time, even longer time no see! So sorry for the lack of activity on here. Since I moved back from London, I don't have the weekly upload flow anymore, so things tend to slack a bit. Until now. I've seen quite a few movies recently. Both good and bad. Both in cinema and at home. And I'm happy to share my thoughts on them with you ^^ The first one is coming soon ;)

Thanks for waiting it out for me ;)
xo - Sara

29 May 2017

Travel Diary South England, Day 5, 2017: going back to Belgium

Hallooooo !!

No pictures to show today. The majority of our day consisted of traveling as it was our last day on English soil for this trip.

In the morning we got up, packed and went out for breakfast. Then wandered around Winchester to do some (more) shopping. I got some books and a little handbag. On top of the DVD's and PS3 games I bought on Saturday x)

I really wanted to eat lunch at a local bakery. The jacket potato I ate last time was just divine. All went well: the bakery was open on the bank holiday, we could order the jacket potato and we had our drinks. Whilst we were waiting for approx 5min the waiter told us that it would be at least a 30min wait as the potatoes hadn't been boiled yet and knowing a jacket potato, they're huge. A little debate, we decided to wait. But then another guy came round and let us know it would be a 30 to 40min wait. We couldn't risk that as we had to leave on time to catch our train back to the continent. What a disappointment :( But that doesn't change my opinion on the bakery or the jacket potatoes.

So we then went to get a Pizza Express take away and ate the delicious pizzas in the car. Got to be flexible hein ;)

Check in at the Channel went very smoothly, got on an earlier train and got home around 7pm.

That is it for my trip to South England. 5 days, of which only 3 complete days. Although we did quite a few bits on the first day. Ooh, if only I could make a job out of traveling. Of driving and walking around the country side day after day ... The dream.

Thanks for reading!
xo - Sara

28 May 2017

Travel diary South England, day 4, 2017: visiting Downton and Pembrook Park


Today was a day to my heart's content. Visiting film location after film location. How can that be a bad day? First stop was Bampton, then on to Swinbrook and Shilton to ultimately end the day in West Wycombe estate and a quick stop in Alton.


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